8 Tips to Reduce Alcohol Consumption

8 Tips to Reduce Alcohol Consumption

A sudden change on something you’ve been used to doing or taking might prove to be real difficult if you don’t set your mind to do it.

Same goes for any attempt to reduce alcohol intake. If you’re used to drinking huge amount of alcohol for some time, reducing and eventually stopping the habit will be both difficult and painful.

You can expect to fail during your first couple of tries and might even decide to ultimately give up the idea of reducing it. But before you go on and say ‘yes’ to the temptation, ask yourself one basic question: ‘Have I done enough effort?’

Below are 8 tips you can use to help yourself reduce alcohol consumption and increase your level of control and responsibility to your own actions.

  1. Always keep track.Be mindful of your drinking habits and keep a record of your daily consumption. You can either keep a journal detailing your alcohol intake for the day or use your mobile to store notes and reminderabout your daily progress. Know where you are on your reduction plan and be aware of the changes you’re making. Keep track.
  2. Keep a clear goal in mind. A plan and a well-executed strategy are useless without a goal. Be clear on what you want to achieve(in this case alcohol reduction) and keep it in mind at all times. The moment you lose track of your goal is the same moment you start reverting to your old drinking habits. Be clear on your goal.
  3. Know the right measurement.It’s a basic requirement to know your standard drinking size in reference to your gender and age. Whether you’re at home or outside, it’s important to limit your alcohol intake to your recommended amount.

 For special occasions like parties, measuring your drink might be difficult considering all the festive so make sure you tell the host or server not to ‘top off’ a partially filled glass when you’re drinking wine for instance.

  1. Consider a variety. Fool your brain by doing alternate drinking every now and then. If you drank a glass of wine on the first hour, make sure what you drink next will not be an alcoholic beverage. Water, soda and juices are great alternatives.
  2. Be sure to eat. One common mistake most, if not all, drinkers make is foregoing meals while enjoying the company of alcohol. Remember that an empty stomach makes your system weaker, making it absorb alcohol faster. Meaning, you get drunk faster.
  3. Focus on other alternatives. One of the best ways to stop thinking about something is to think of something else. Alcohol reduction is difficult especially when you can’t get yourself to stop thinking about drinking. Instead of focusing your energy in prying the thought away, do something else like read a book, take a walk and enjoy a bike ride.

 Keep yourself occupied with hobbies and activities than can give you more fun and energy. Before you know it, forgetting about alcohol will no longer be that difficult.

  1. Avoid trigger people, things and places. Be aware of people, things and places that trigger your urge to drink. Once you manage to identify them, try to reduce contact and eventually avoid them. Focus on other things and find alternatives.
  2. Learn to say ‘no’. Just because somebody close invited you for a drink doesn’t mean you have to say ‘yes’ to it even if you don’t want to. Part of the process of reducing your alcohol intake is to learn how to refuse even a good offer if it means achieving the goal you’ve set for yourself.

Know your drinking habits and always keep track. Reducing alcohol intake will be difficult at first but not as difficult when you keep a clear goal in mind.

Try the 8 tips above and see what works for you best!

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