10 Tips To Go Physical

10 Tips To Go Physical

No matter how tall, short, thick or thin you are, an active physical lifestyle is always the best way to live your life as it should. Physical activity not only comes from pure exercise such as running, going to the gym, aerobics, or even high-intensity exercise like Crossfit and Zumba. In fact, it also comes from physical activities that don’t have much intensity, but also needs to be worked on more for optimal fitness efficiency. The more often you do these said activities, the lesser chance of having risk of diseases. These physical activities can also serve as a helping premise for your fatty liver treatment diet.

The following are very useful and foolproof tips on how you can mix physical activities in everyday situations. These tips are guaranteed to help you become physically active without having to undergo very high-intensity training. Once you’ve gone through one or two tips, you might be able to do more than that, and eventually will become part of your routine. Here are these tips.


1. Have a step forward

Have a Step Forward

source: ndtv.com

Simple, isn’t it? If you’ll only go for one or two floors, take the stairs. Also do it for going down. However, if you have to go to the tippy top of the building, you may use the elevator. But ponder on this, every time that you have to choose between the stairs or the elevator, your decision will depend on the outcome that would contribute to increasing your long-term health.


2. Lots and lots of H2O

Lots and Lots of Water

source: wakingtimes.com

Drinking glasses and glasses of water is very important in taking care of your body. It is also a key ingredient in your fatty liver treatment diet. But did you know it also helps you become physically active? Every time you’re drinking a lot of water, you have to go to the bathroom at some point. And every time you go to the bathroom, you have a reason to walk around and back. Besides, who can resist Mother Nature’s call?


3. Park far

Park Far

source: mnn.com

When you’re going to work or at the mall, try to park as far as possible. It adds more time to move but more time to live.


4. Clean every day

Clean every day

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Cleaning up the house can be pretty boring and tiring, but little do they know it also serves a good workout session, with all that lifting, walking and pushing that’s very good for the body. Even washing dishes is also an exercise.


5. Work your yard

Work Your Yard

source: tiplokhomeservices.com

Doing work at your garden or yard helps you enjoy the outside atmosphere and become physically active with the lawn mowing, hedge trimming, and fertilizing the flowerbed that requires a range of physical strength.


6. Cut the cable

Cut the Cable

source: mic.com

Usually, we just sit on the couch and watch TV during the summer. Resist watching for a while and stay active, or watch an exercise show and become physically active and not bored at the same time.


7. Pedometer for your thoughts

Pedometer for your Thoughts

source: nuhealth.net

Pedometers are gadgets that count each step you walk per day. To be active, you need at least 10,000 a day. Buy one at your local sports store or if on a tight budget, you can download it free on your Smartphone.


8. Active transport

Active Transport

source: tahoesbest.com

There’s another way to take transport, blade or bike. Roller blading and biking are great ways to exercise and cost less time since you would need muscle power to push yourself forward.


9. Lunch walk

Lunch Walk

source: amazonaws.com

With all that long lunch time, why not maximize it further with some walks either by yourself or with a co-worker. It helps you perk up for afternoon work and gives you a chance to bond with other co-workers.


10. After-dinner family time

After Dinner Family Time

source: kcet.org

After that nice dinner in a lovely restaurant with the whole family, have a walk with them as well. It helps you exercise by shedding that dinner food, enjoy the outside, and spend quality time with family.

We think doing physical activities beside exercising are boring and insignificant. However, one you get to do them every day, they become fun and also fulfilling. Every move you make and every step you take helps you stay active every day since it’s like a nonchalant form of exercise, plus it also serves as a thinking cap for your fatty liver treatment diet. Hope that these tips will you stay fit and active and not send you into a slump of laziness. Have a fit and active life to all and enjoy all the fun!

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