5 Simple Exercise Ideas for the Obese

5 Simple Exercise Ideas for the Obese

You admit that you’re obese and you need to get yourself in shape again to get the most of your life. Then again, you don’t know what do and where to start. There are a lot of ideas to choose from, actually. The most usual thing to do is going to the gym, lift weights, aerobics, and even try the exercise equipment. However, you’re having a problem. The equipment is too small or complicated to use. You might not keep up with the fast pace during aerobics, Zumba, or Crossfit. The program is too uncomfortable to follow and the gym instructor is not always around to assist you. There’s also intimidation on your first day, people talking behind your back, saying that you’ll never last a day in the gym, and being grossed out at your physique. It angers you inside and you start to get furious and emotional.

But what if there was a solution to that problem? What if there was a way that you can be able to do your exercise for your diet fatty liver without complications and backbiting? Fortunately, there are five simple ways for you to be able to have exercise routine that you wanted. These five methods are very simple, fun to do, and made just for you. You don’t have to be emotionally scarred. So here they are, you easy to do exercise list for your diet fatty liver.

1. Walking

It’s pretty much one of the simplest forms of exercise around. It requires less equipment and you can do it just about everywhere. There’s not much intensity in walking, but it helps you improve your strength and keep yourself active throughout. Start with a slow pace. Usually you would walk for about 10 to 15 minutes on a short distance to get used to it. As you progress more, you start to increase your exercise time up to an hour, and when you get used to walking, won’t be long ‘til you’re able to jog as well.


source: yale.edu


2. Water work…out

If exercising on land is pretty difficult, perhaps try exercising on water. Keep in mind that it’s not the high seas, but on a deep swimming pool for starters. However, water aerobics and/or swimming for laps can be difficult as well. So why not just walking or jogging while dipping in the water. Jogging in the pool helps you work-out more considering the buoyancy and density of the water. Imagine that you’re running in slow motion. And if you fall, at least you won’t land on your face.

Water Workout

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3. Someone to work-out with

The best way to motivate you exercising is with someone else. Whether it’s one or few friends, having an exercise buddy is a better way to keep you going, plus your buddy gives you moral support and keeps you company.

Someone to workout with2

source: medibankcf.com.au


4. Can you even lift?

I bet you do. Strength training is important so that you would become strong and builds your muscles up. You can start by carrying weights at home. If you lack weights, then try anything heavy, and then lift it up and down at the same time. Not only it builds muscles but also boosts metabolism and confidence.

Red Resistance Band and Blue Weights on Gym Floor

source: bodybalance4you


5. Two and two together

Not only does your body need working out, but also inside you as well. Nowadays, yoga and tai chi work-outs are becoming easier to finds as they become rising trends lately. Not only it helps your body moves actively, but also keeps your mind and soul in balance and gets rid of that stress hiding inside, becoming one with the universe.

Two and Two2

source: nytimes.com

Now are those ideas really that difficult? What’s important for you is to become healthy and in shape, and also to become confident and active. If you notice many people looking at and mocking you, then “WHATEVER”, because they have no right to judge your life. Keep this in mind that it’s their problem and not yours, so why must you be bothered with that kind of trash. So get dressed and get moving! The whole world is expecting you outside, and it’s expecting you to get yourself up and open your soul to endless possibilities. Hope that these tips give you an idea on how to exercise alongside your diet fatty liver, and hope that those also bring meaning to your life so that you can pick yourself and become the best that you can be. To bid you adieu, have a happy and healthy work-out and keep going.

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