6 Techniques to Stick on a Healthy Diet

6 Techniques to Stick on a Healthy Diet

Being diagnosed with a Fatty Liver disease doesn’t mean that you can’t go on and enjoy life as you can, it just means that you have to take extra precaution when it comes to your lifestyle and diet. If you can’t, then your Fatty Liver may progress to a more malevolent liver condition that can hinder you from enjoying the finer things in life—for real. Surely, nobody would like that to happen.

Starting a Fatty Liver diet may seem simple, but maintaining it is the most tedious task. You may have the best diet for Fatty Liver at hand, but how can you keep a straight one and maintain it? Here are a few easy ways:


1.) Stock on fruits and vegetables as much as you can.

Stock on fruits and vegetabels

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Fruits and vegetables are the most recommended part of any diet. Although you can still eat meat (for protein), your portions are however limited because most meat contain cholesterol and other unhealthy components.

On the course of your diet plan, you may still feel hungry and crave for something. Having a good stock of several fruits and vegetables may come in handy—so you can munch on them whenever needed. You can also plan your meals ahead just by checking what’s available on your pantry.


2.) Don’t impose cheat days!

Dont Impose Cheat Days

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Yes, a lot of people on a diet claim to have cheat days. However, it may be a bad practice. By imposing a cheat day, you may have the tendency to overwhelm yourself with all the unhealthy stuff you’ve been deprived of for the rest of the week, and it may defeat your purpose of dieting.

So, what to do?

When you feel like you are craving for something unhealthy, you have to look for a better and healthier alternative first. Craving for fries or a burger? You can go for homemade ones—they are fresher and healthier for you! Pizza? Try making them at home. Chips? Opt for popcorn or peanuts! If they can’t be controlled, just give in—but don’t go overboard!


3.) Change your lifestyle too!

Change your Lifestyle

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It’s not just your eating habits, but your lifestyle should be changed too! Start by getting enough sleep and doing regular exercises. It will make you feel better, and can help you gain a better appetite on the healthier side of food!


4.) Experiment and spice up your meals!

Experiment on your Meals

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To make you look forward to every meal, try new ways of reinventing dishes and adding more spice or flavor to it. You can find a lot of recipes and guides online! Trying out new dishes can improve your palate, and before you know it, you’ll get used to eating healthy!


5.) Instead of dining out, pack a lunchbox!

Pack a Lunchbox

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This may work if you are just going to the office, or school. Packing your own lunch can definitely save you some money, and you don’t get tempted to eat unhealthy too! But if certain occasions call for celebrations, and you have to go and dine out, you can always opt for healthy choices from the menu. If there’s none, look for kiddie meals—they are smaller in serve, thus lesser in carbs!


6.) Take note of your goal.

Take note of your goals

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This is your primary motivator, so you shouldn’t lose sight of it. Don’t ever think that your liver diet is some kind of sad resolution for your health woes. It’s definitely not. Taking a liver diet means that you are responsible enough of taking control over your condition. It also means you’ll still get to enjoy life better—and longer! Plus, your diet doesn’t mean that you are deprived of anything. Well sure, you may not partake with alcohol and smoking right now, but it doesn’t mean you can’t eat a good meal.

One does not need to be rich or poor when it comes to starting a healthy diet and lifestyle—or get the best diet for Fatty Liver. One only needs discipline, determination, and a little bit of creativity. Of course, this is better and easier if you have a support system that can help you in achieving your health goals.

That means it’s better when your family and friends know about your condition, so they can help you prepare and remind you of the right food you should eat.

If you need a more complete guide on Fatty Liver diet, or want to know more recipes that are liver-friendly, you can download a PDF guide here.

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