Obesity and Fatty Liver: How are they Related?

Obesity and Fatty Liver How Are They Related

Fatty liver begins as soon as fats start to build-up on your liver. Despite this, most Americans remain oblivious to the fact that they’re constantly taking in foods rich in fat at a daily basis.

Most of these fats come from fast foods like hamburgers and fries which is loved by most especially if they are on a rush and needs to grab something on the way to the office.

However, do remember that being in a hurry is not an excuse in consuming unhealthy foods.

At present, a huge number of Americans are obese and obesity is currently linked to fatty liver. How? Being obese or overweight is a result of consuming too much fats and carbohydrates which are stored in the body (including the different organs like the liver).

Most, if not all obese people, have fatty liver and this is one of the reasons why losing weight is advised. A combination of an exercise regimen and recommended meal plan by a dietitian is usually administered to monitor the patient’s food intake.

The statistics

At present, fatty liver is considered as the most common disease in the U.S. affecting approximately 90 million Americans and 10-24% of the world’s entire population.

What could possibly be the scary thing about fatty liver is that it can go undetected. More often than not, patients only realize that they have fatty liver through a random blood test from other diseases like diabetes and hypertension.

Symptoms are unlikely to appear as well on its early stages and will only, in most cases manifest themselves during a more advanced fatty liver disease.

Losing weight

If some of those thin and fit people continually indulge into physical activities as part of their daily exercise, how come obese people don’t?

Perhaps not all, but based on my personal observation, a lot of people who are diagnosed with obesity tend to pry away with the idea of exercising and eventually losing weight.

Perhaps the rationale behind the act is the challenge, time and effort one has to put into to achieve the desired effect. Gaining weight is after all, easier than cutting off some.

But have you ever wondered why doctors advise obese people to exercise? Actually, it’s more than just losing excess weight. It’s also a means to prevent possible complications your excess weight could do especially to your liver.

‘But where do I start?’

If you are obese and have fatty liver, the first thing you should have is the resolve to lose some weight.

Exercise regimen and detailed meal plans will not work unless you put your heart into it. This is not to say that putting your heart to it is that easy. It’s not. But the very first thing you have to learn is to accept that there is a need to change your lifestyle if you are serious about becoming better.

Obesity coupled with fatty liver is a serious health problem. But this doesn’t mean there’s no way to reverse it.

There is.

The question is, are you willing to do it right now? If you are, then keep in touch for my succeeding posts so we can get started!

Think about it!


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