Top 10 Metabolism Helpers

Top 10 Metabolism Helpers

Metabolism is the chemical process that occurs within a living organism in order to maintain life. In simple terms, it’s the process that breaks down the food you eat for better digestion and it plays an important part for the system. If your metabolism in slow, you would have a hard time being able to digest your food and get rid of those toxins that lie with the bowels and especially your liver.

Fortunately, the following list has ten known foods on the planet that would help you set up your diet plan for fatty liver. These foods are actually going to help you tweak that digestive tract and put your system in sync. So here they are!


1. Water



The mother of all metabolism boosters, water is a primary ingredient in your diet plan for fatty liver. Water helps wash down that food you eat and helps slide it down your pharynx and into your stomach. It is really both for digestion and hydration so you always feel refreshed and your body swell.


2. Spinach



Spinach has B Vitamins, which keeps you active throughout the days, and with its faster metabolism rate, it’ll help you have a bigger muscle mass, making you healthy and strong. And that, ladies and gentlemen, explains how Popeye becomes strong every time he eats spinach.


3. Oatmeal



This foods that is eaten during breakfast helps you gain enough energy to jumpstart your day. And because it has high fiber content, it’s like a broom that sweeps away all that nasty toxins and cleans up not only your stomach, but also your intestines as well.


4. Lemon



Why don’t we add a little zest in this one, shall we? Not only its makes water taste better in your lemonade, but it also helps clean your digestive tract. Lemons alone are a bit sour, but mix it with water and you have a balanced tandem ready for your health. Plus with Vitamin C, it also helps protect your body from outside invaders that make your body sick.


5. Nuts



Containing essential fatty acids, nuts such as almonds, walnuts, cashews, and even peanuts are sure-fire to boost your metabolism. You can use them as a snack, an ingredient to your meals, or a side dish. But don’t go too much or you’ll end up gaining with its fat content. Now there’s a reason to “go nuts”!


6. Beans



Ever wonder why you rush to the bathroom every time you eat burrito and chilli? Beans have very positive effects on your metabolism with its high fiber content that cleans up all the toxins away.


7. Coconut oil

Coconut Oil2


Since we’ve already learned of the difference between good and bad fats, there’s clearly nothing to worry about coconut oil, after all, coconut IS the fruit of life you know. Though it doesn’t last long, it still has good metabolism effects so it also helps nonetheless.


8. Coffee

Coffee (2)


A cup of joe is always a good signal to start your day right. Not only it keeps you awake throughout the day, but also speeds up your metabolism rate and helps your liver flush out the caffeine and stay hydrated… perfect for your diet plan for fatty liver.


9. Common fruits

Fruits (2)


Why spend so much money on exotic fruits like acai berry, when you can have the same health benefits as any other ordinary fruit. Fruits like apples and oranges also have the same metabolism boosting effects and helps clean up your entire. You can find them in your local supermarket. WORD OF ADVICE: Go organic.


10. Lean meats

Lean Meat (2)


Now you can be healthy and have more protein at the same time. Lean meats like chicken and turkey, plus exercise, develop leaner muscles and a rising metabolism rate.

Having the perfect diet plan for fatty liver is very tough work, concerning that you make sure that it has the right health benefits. But with a little learning and workout time, there’s no telling how much wonders it could bring to make you super healthy and active and strong.

A perfect diet plan for fatty liver must be made with a sound mind and extensive awareness in the benefits that came from each food. Just focus on the positive side and if it has more positive in it, then list away. Hope that this list serves you well in finding the perfect diet for fatty liver and help you stay healthy and active and strong all the way towards bright and better days!


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