Top 5 Foods Rich in Selenium for Liver Detoxification

Top 5 Foods Rich in Selenium for Liver Detoxification

When a person has Fatty Liver, absorbing the proper nutrients and converting them into energy is a hard task for the Liver; thus a person feels weaker. The Liver however, has regenerating properties and if a Fatty Liver won’t progress to Cirrhosis (which is essentially Liver failure), there’s still a chance that a person can lead a perfectly normal and healthy life.

Leading a normal and healthy life won’t be possible if a Fatty Liver patient won’t do anything to alleviate the condition. Sure, the Liver can regenerate and weed out the damaged tissues in it, but it can’t do that as if by magic. One has to ensure that a proper diet and healthy lifestyle is followed.

Your Fatty Liver diet is an essential guide from now on. In this article however, we will be talking about the importance of Selenium—a trace mineral that’s found in several foods that should also be part of your Fatty Liver diet.

What is the importance of Selenium?

As a trace mineral, Selenium is already present in several of our organs—that includes the liver, pancreas, spleen, and kidneys. Our liver for one, needs Selenium to be able to convert several nutrients into a type of hormone that is needed by all our other organs.

Selenium also plays an important role when it comes to strengthening our immune system. It also protects our liver from further damage by shielding it from harmful free radicals—a byproduct of metabolism in the body. So basically, it helps in Liver detoxification, and that’s a big help for people with Liver conditions.

What foods are rich in Selenium?

Selenium-rich foods are pretty common and you’re probably eating these foods on a daily basis—which is probably why a Selenium-deficiency is a very rare occurrence. Still, it’s good to know what kind of food they are, and here are top 5 of them:

*Recommended daily intake of Selenium is 70mg (micrograms).

1.) Seafood

Fish Dishes


Fish dishes are always good and considered healthier than beef and pork meat. Just be careful or try to minimize consumption of seashells or crustaceans since they are rather high in Cholesterol.

Serving Size: 3oz.

Amount of Selenium: 130.9mg

2.) Poultry



This basically includes chicken meat and eggs. These are also good alternative sources of protein as chicken is considered white meat, and contain less cholesterol than red meat.

Serving Size: 3oz.

Amount of Selenium: 32.1mg

3.) Brown Rice

Brown Rice


Some may not be fond of white rice alone, how much more if its brown? But the health benefits of Brown rice are too tempting, that you may eventually love it. Rich in Selenium and other nutrients, it is also lesser in carbohydrates or sugar compared to white rice (perfect for Diabetic people), and eating just one cup of this will make you feel stuffed.

Serving Size: 1 cup

Amount of Selenium: 18.9mg

4.) Oats



Good for breakfasts, or as snacks, Oats are also good sources of Fiber. Mix them with fruits like Bananas or Strawberries for a tastier meal!

Serving Size: 1 cup

Amount of Selenium: 12.6mg

5.) Fish

Fish- Seafood

Another seafood in the list which is rather safe for people with “shell” allergies.

Serving Size: 3oz.

Amount of Selenium: 92mg

There’s probably no need for anybody to take a Selenium supplement since its good sources are very easy to find, and are in fact, eaten by most on a daily basis. Besides, natural good sources are better, tastier, and of course, cheaper!

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