5 Proven Ways to Cure Fatty Liver

5 Proven Ways to Cure a Fatty Liver

The last thing you would want if you’re diagnosed with fatty liver is to experience more health complications as a result of the disease’s progression.

Statistics show that fatty liver has been closely linked to the risk in developing Type 2 diabetes and syndrome X otherwise known as insulin resistance.

The good news is, you can always remedy fatty liver. Given that you follow certain eating principles, the liver has the ability to repair itself and remove the fatty deposits that it has accumulated.

Today, we’ll take a look at helpful eating principles you must observe to regain the healthy liver you had before.

Let’s start with….

  1. Low carbohydrate diet

Foods rich in carbohydrates raise your blood sugar and insulin levels. And if you don’t have enough physical activities in a day, its unused components will be turned to fat that are stored in the liver. Observing a low carbohydrate diet means that you reduce your intake of grains and cereals like oats, corn and wheat. Starchy vegetables like potatoes are also not an essential part of this diet.

  1. Increase your raw plant food diet.

Fruits and vegetables are perfect combination in your battle to maintain a healthy liver. They contain rich amount of antioxidants and nutrients that help repair the liver and remove fat and toxins from your bloodstream. Increase your vegetable and fruit intake by following 7 and 2 servings respectively.

  1. Include protein in every meal.

Including protein in each meal helps you reduce hunger and cravings. Good sources of protein include fish, poultry, eggs and lean red meat. Avoid smoked or fried fish and choose canned fish instead as an alternative. For vegetarians, you can combine legumes, raw nuts and seeds in one meal to have enough protein.

  1. Eat the right fats.

Eating the right fats means avoiding all deep fried foods, preserved meat, margarine and very fatty meat.

Instead of using partially hydrogenated oil or cooking oil, settle for the healthiest oils like extra virgin olive oil, cold-pressed macadamia oil and cold-pressed coconut oil. Avocadoes, deep sea fish, raw nuts and seeds are good sources of beneficial fats.

  1. Avoid huge meal sizes

Eating huge meals is a very big no-no. It overworks your digestive tract and puts a huge stress on your liver. Eat in minimal amounts several times a day (5 to 6 times a day including snacks) and maintain balanced nutrient intake of carbohydrates, protein and fats.

With the right dietary modifications, you can slowly regain your healthy liver. But remember, this process takes time and staying focused on your goal is a vital means to succeed.

Master the 5 practices listed above and win against your fatty liver!


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