8 Ideas On Trimming The Triglyceride Treat Train

It’s really nice to have a sweet snack after a tiring day at work. You’re already pooped after having to do too much heavy work, and then you slip in some chocolates or a piece of cake to keep that energy running throughout the day. But little did we know that eating a sugary treat is not always so sweet. What if we go a little too much? When there is sugar, there’s always bound to be triglycerides. For those in the know, triglycerides are fats that come from sugar and transported to the liver to become cholesterol. Too much of this stuff will cause big time problems to your liver as it’s covered in too much fat. To steer clear of this stuff, you need to limit your sugar intake to keep your liver in ship shape. Usually, to do that, you have to let go of your sugar cravings, which is very difficult to do to say the least. But what if you don’t have to do it? That right, you can keep your triglyceride in check and don’t have to sacrifice the sweets.

Fortunately, there are eight simple tips here to help you attain that goal. These tips are super effective that they can also give you an idea for fatty liver disease diet recipes. Presenting to you, the eight sweet steps on how to lower your triglyceride.

1. Fresh fruit

When in total of need of sugary stuff, a fresh fruit is what you need. In fact, fruits themselves, as key ingredients for fatty liver disease diet recipes have natural sugars within them called fructose. Fruits also have proper nutrients like fiber to keep your body in ship shape. Plus it’s tastier than added sugars, which lack proper nutrients.

Fresh Fruit

source: idiva.com

2. Nature sweets

Do you like sweet with your breakfast? Then have some cold cereal with fresh fruits like bananas and apples instead of sugars and sweeteners. With the high fructose content and fiber content in fresh fruit, it keeps you energized and healthy at the same time.

Nature Sweets

source: gi365.info

3. Go for the alternative

Having to cut down on your sugar intake doesn’t mean you’re not going to enjoy a slice of cake for the rest of your life. Instead of a traditional cake recipe, try to find an alternative that uses less sugar and more of the healthy stuff. You’ll have that half and half synchronization with both health and taste.

Go for the alternative

source: healthyrecipesblogs.com

4. Hide your sweets

If you hide all of your sugars, honey, and sweeteners long enough, your craving for sweeteners might start to decrease over periods of time. For a sweeter and healthier alternative, try using some spices like ginger and cinnamon. By the way, remember to check on your sweeteners from time to time. You’ll never know when the ants are coming to haunt your cupboard and even THE WHOLE KITCHEN.

Hide Your Sweets

source: healthyfoodstar.com

5. Check the labels

When you’re out doing your weekly shopping for your next weekly meal plan, especially when you’re buying spreads, jams, and jellies, always be sure to check the nutritional value of each product, especially sugars, syrups, and juices. The lesser the sugar and fat content, the better. This will be very good for your fatty liver disease diet recipes.

Check the labels

source: dietxnutrition.com

6. Take simple sips

When you’re enjoying your cup of coffee and/or tea, there’s always that time when put some sweets into your cup. FACT: The Russians put jams into their tea to make it sweeter. But what you don’t know is that it can be dangerous as well when you put it too much. As much as possible, cut down on the sweets in your coffee and tea.

Take Simple Sips

source: marriott.com

7. Read between the lines

If you see foods with the terms “low-sugar”, “sugar-free”, and the like, you reach for it. Enjoy!

Read Between the Lines

source: lifewithgreens.com

8. “CAN” you take it?

Canned fruit is much better than fresh fruits because it’s preserved better. But be sure to buy ONLY in water or juice. Fruits in syrup meanwhile are the same as opening a soda can.

Can You Take It

source: recipe-finder.com

Sweets can be fun, but not all fun is fun per se. There are always dangerous consequences, even for your liver. Heed these advices and you’ll be able to know what to do when trying to cut down your sugar intake while savouring your sweet treats at the same time. So the next time you’re trying to buy chocolate from your friendly convenience store, be sure to think things through until you thought of an idea like the term, “maybe a little”.

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