Better Blood Sugar Control in 10 Easy Ways

Better Blood Sugar Control in 10 Easy Ways

Liver problems are usually associated with diabetes. A good number of kidney patients have both diabetes and liver disease. Since each of this disease is destructive on its own, it is vital that you take the necessary precautions to make sure that these health conditions will not worsen. Individuals with liver problem needs to have a diet to improve liver function and so that other health complications will not occur such that of diabetes.

To improve blood sugar control, here are 10 simple ways to go about it.

        1. Consistent Eating Habits

Consistent Eating Habits


This is an important step when you are trying control your blood sugar. Skipping meals could push your blood sugar higher or in some instances can cause low blood sugar or hypoglycemia. Not only will skipping meal affects the levels of your blood sugar but this will also lead to overeating causing you to gain weight. As much as possible, eat on time and refrain from skipping meals.

       2. Healthy Sources of Carbs

Healthy Sources of Carbs


Remember that even if you have diabetes this does not mean to completely eradicate carbohydrates in your diet. You can still enjoy eating carbohydrates but only those that are hale and hearty. These healthy sources of carbs include fruits, grains and those other carb-containing foods. Not only will this provide you with that needed energy but this can also manage your blood glucose level productively. Just remember to apportion your meals throughout the day in the appropriate servings

        3. Appropriate Servings In Pastas

Appropriate Servings in Pasta

When cooking pastas it is advisable to not overcook them. Cook them al dente and always measure them considering that a cupful of pasta is equivalent to 3 slice of bread, and goes down quickly. Never forget to keep it within the suited serving range and to always count the calories and carb grams.

        4. Be mindful of your Fat Intake

Fat Intake


Another great thing to consider when you are trying to control your blood sugar is to watch your consumption of fats. You might want to cut back in consuming foods that are high in saturated fats. Studies have shown that individuals that have high levels of saturated fats were twice likely to develop diabetes.

       5. Go for a Walk

Go for a Walk


A good 2 kilometers a day can do wonders for your body. Walking 10 kilometers in a week will provide you with the percentage of 40% less likely to die from all causes and 34% less likely to die from heart diseases, the number one leading cause of diabetes. Walking makes your cells more responsive to insulin, which in turn results to a better control of blood sugar.

       6. Go For Resistance Training

Resistance Training


Going for resistance training can benefit you in a lot of ways. Not only will you have a good amount of energy but building more muscle mass will more efficiently burn glucose and the less that it circulates in your blood. A good 10 minute toning routine will be a good start for this fitness training.

       7. Having Enough ZZZs

Have Enough Sleep


Studies have shown that sleep deprivation provides dramatic effect on your blood sugar and insulin levels. Since sleep deprivation affects you body, it is important that you get enough sleep at least a consistent 8 hours of this.

       8. Drink Water

Drink Water


Drinking plenty of low-calorie beverages in a daily basis especially that of water is considered as a wise idea especially when your blood sugar level is high. Since high blood sugar causes excessive urination, drinking plenty of water can keep you hydrated.

       9. Eating enough Fiber



Studies have revealed that consuming enough fiber can help prevent the occurrence of health conditions such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes and colon cancer. You might want to talk to your doctor or dietician to incorporate legumes or appropriate fiber rich foods in diet to improve liver function. To further obtain the benefits of what fiber provides, it is advisable to consistently consume enough fiber. Not only will it supply you with various nutrients but fiber makes you full for a longer time.

      10. Always Consider Portion Control

Portion Control


A lot of time people make the wrong move of consuming more than what is appropriate for their diet. Just because you are allowed to eat a certain food does not mean you can devour on it at whatever amount. It is crucial for any diet to have the perfect serving size. To efficiently control your blood sugar, it is crucial that you consume foods at its suited serving size. Don’t forget to weigh or measure them before cooking and get to know the proper portion sizes of every individual food ingredients recommended for you.

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Be it noted that the information provided in this article does not come from a professional dietician. Any material information specified on this article is for general guidance only and should not be taken as a replacement for a consultation to an expert.

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