Body Type and Body Weight: How Are They Related?

Woman Stepping onto Scale

Have you ever wondered why some people easily gain weight why others seemed not to be gaining any pounds despite eating a lot of those sweet favourites?

It must be frustrating to hear thin people complain about how they aren’t able to gain weight no matter how they try while here we are, struggling to shed off some pounds while depriving ourselves with our cravings.

Gaining weight has something to do with your metabolism. The faster your metabolism is, the faster you’ll burn fats. Meaning, no matter how much you eat, you’ll most likely not gain too much weight since your body naturally burns fat. But if you have a slow metabolism, the outcome is the contrary.

In reality though, gaining weight is more than just about your metabolism, and understanding it will tell you why you gain weight the way you do. Your tendency to gain weight has something to do with the type of body shape you have inherited. Your body shape determines your metabolic characteristics and what part of your body will most likely deposit fat cells.


It’s not new to hear thin people wanting to get some weight and vice versa. No matter what status of living, culture, religion and beliefs, there seemed to be this natural tendency of people not to get contented with what they have.

People constantly feel unsatisfied in pursuit of change. But change sometimes is the most difficult to do despite being wanted by a lot of us.

It’s not wrong to seek change. Likewise, it’s fine to dream of changing your present bodily appearance to favour the look that will make you more comfortable and confident.

But changing in response to the pressure the media and society is putting you might not necessarily be the best choice. Be happy about your unique trait and change for the best.

It’s in your DNA!

I’ll say this straight now. You’re body type is inherited. It’s hardwired in your DNA which means that there’s no way you can alter the way you’re fundamentally structured.

But don’t lose hope! Even if your structure spells more chances of gaining weight on the lower part of your body, that doesn’t mean you’ll have to live with it. With the right recipe to proper distribution of fats and muscles in your body, you’ll still get a well-balanced figure suited for your age.

Exercise is one of the most, if not the only, effective way to regulate this balanced distribution. If you want to go for the not-so-conventional way, we also have what we call nutrigenomics which utilizes supplements and foods to turn off or on certain genes involved in metabolism.

Take time to consult your physician should you decide to take in some supplements. If you have other health complications, chances are you will be prohibited to take certain supplements.

Your body type and weight is inseparable. Know where you’re at on your diet and increase your physical activities. Given the right combination of food and exercise you’ll get the body weight that’s right for you!

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