The Complete Diet for Liver Disease

The Complete Diet for Liver Disease

When I learned that I have been experiencing fatty liver disease (Hepatic Steatosis) for three years already, one of the recommendations given to me was to follow a diet for liver disease in order to try to reverse the condition. According to my nurse, fatty liver disease springs from excessive fat accumulation in the liver (a fat called triglycerides), so a healthy diet for liver disease is important.

I tried to research and read more on how to follow a diet for liver disease. I wanted to know what food to avoid and what recipes I could make for myself. Recently, I asked my nurse again for advise and she gladly recommended me an e-book by a nurse named Dorothy Spencer. The book is entitled “Eliminating Hepatic Fat: The Fatty Liver Diet Guide and Factbook”. I was amazed immediately that there was already an e-book dedicated to following a diet for fatty liver.

What excited me, of course, were Chapters 8 to 11, which really focused on the diet for fatty liver disease. These chapters discussed the essential vitamins and minerals in reversing fatty liver, the important food groups, the recommended treatment (exercise and diet), and a specific planned diet for fatty liver disease.

Chapter 11, Daily Diets, gives a complete guide on the diet for fatty liver disease. Nurse Dorothy recommends that a diet for fatty liver disease should include food with low fat content (no saturated fat), high fiber, and complex carbohydrates. I especially enjoyed the various recipes and the weekly menu that I easily followed.

I noticed that after several months, I was feeling better. When I had to undergo my routine check-up, they found out that my laboratory results were better compared to last year. I think it was really because of the proper exercise and the diet for fatty liver that I faithfully followed.

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