Weight Gain After 30: Fatty Liver Disease Facts You Need To Know

Weight Gain after 30 Facts you need to know

Gaining weight at the age of 30 and beyond is natural considering the growing responsibilities you have at work and on your family.

Combined with all the things that demand your attention, the previous time you spare for exercise and meal preparation may be compromised. Metabolism naturally slows down at 30 meaning, less calories are burned from your body. These are also key in liver disease management.


For people on their 30s, stress levels can be higher due to the amount of responsibilities they have and the pursuit for stability. Research shows that there is a direct relationship between being stressed and weight gain because most people who are stressed find relief through eating.

Rather than go for food, find an alternative way to relieve stress like reading a book, walking at the park, playing with your dog or watering the plants.


If you’ve enjoyed those times when eating foods rich in calories doesn’t cause so much visible worries like bulging waistline, reaching 30 might come a surprise. As your metabolism slows, your body’s ability to burn it slows down as well, making you gain more weight.

As you age, try to stick to fiber-rich foods like fruits. They are healthier and make you feel less hungry. Add more lean meat on your liver diet like grilled meat and take in foods containing antioxidants like tomatoes and spinach to slow down aging.

Cardiovascular Exercise

Now that you know metabolism slows down as you age, isn’t it logical to find ways to boost it?

Cardiovascular activities like kickboxing or biking are among those activities that can help you do just that. Find an activity you love doing and make it a part of your exercise regimen. Don’t allow yourself to slack off and be inactive. Strengthen your heart and move!

Resistance Training

You start to lose muscle at the age of 30 and if you don’t work out enough, you’re sure to gain more weight.

Invest time on resistance training such as weight lifting, push-ups or curl ups to improve your muscle mass. Just make sure to consult a doctor first before you indulge into this kind of training because if you have heart problems, you most likely wouldn’t be allowed to do much of this.

Consult your doctor and work on a plan best for you.

Just because you turned 30 doesn’t mean your healthy lifestyle has come to an end. Boost your metabolism and continue losing weight!

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