How to Prevent Liver Failure Through Cirrhosis Diet

How to Prevent Liver Failure Through Cirrhosis Diet

When fatty liver disease is left unaided, it can develop into worse level called cirrhosis, which makes the liver function abnormally. While it has no definitive cure, cirrhosis can definitely be prevented through regular exercise and proper diet, which basically prevents fatty liver disease. Fatty liver disease is a liver disorder brought about by an excessive fat, specifically triglycerides, accumulation in the liver.

The human liver has several functions such as bile production, blood regulation, detoxification, and metabolism. The liver has to play all of these roles and when it does become enlarged due to fats, it is at risk for cirrhosis.

Once too much fat is accumulated in the liver, there may not be symptoms at first. These symptoms usually come out later at a worse scenario, probably when it’s already in its cirrhosis stage or earlier. When someone is diagnosed with fatty liver disease, he or she can still have hope. He or she has to act firmly and quickly to stop the fatty liver disease from turning into cirrhosis. What must he or she do? Have an active lifestyle and take on a healthy diet!

A fatty liver disease diet that can help prevent cirrhosis consists of low fat or non-fat food, high fiber intake, and complex carbohydrates. One should also consider the essential vitamins, minerals, and food groups to determine the specific meals to take each day and lessen the risk of cirrhosis.

If you don’t want your fatty liver disease to worsen into cirrhosis, alcoholic beverages should be avoided. Although meats are a good source of protein, too much of protein in a fatty liver disease diet will stress the liver even more and risk cirrhosis.

Try seafood, beans, and lean meat – and especially those that have only been steamed or boiled. In any diet, fruits and vegetables should always be present especially green vegetables and citrus fruits which contain folic acid and vitamin C, respectively. Another component in this diet is the complex carbohydrate group, which can be found in whole grains, brown rice, wheat bread and pasta.

Dorothy Spencer is a veteran liver nurse that has helped hundreds of patients manage their liver disease through her book entitled “The Fatty Liver Diet Guide”.

She discusses in great detail how cirrhosis diet can help you manage your liver disease.

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