How Softdrinks Are Literally Eating Your Liver Alive — We’ve Got Facts To Prove It!

How Softdrinks Are Literally Eating Your Liver Alive -- We've Got Facts To Prove It

With the onset of soft drinks’ (i.e. sodas and fruit juices) popularity, it always comes to me as a surprise how a lot of Americans (and people around the world) could stomach the thought of drinking more than two bottles a day considering its bad reputation in the medical field.

Daily consumption of sodas and not knowing what it does to one’s body is careless and based on my experience with patients before, continued soda drinking despite its health hazard could be divided on the following groups:

  1. Trendy group – They are aware that it’s not good but don’t care because others are drinking it anyway.
  2. Know-nothing group – They just don’t know the harm soft drinks are capable of.
  3. Dependent group – They know soft drinks are bad. They tried to stop drinking. They failed. They went on drinking again at a regular basis.
  4. I’m-doing-it-right group – They read articles about the effects of soft drinks, know the statistics and remain confident that they are drinking sodas in moderation. Their usual answer when confronted with bad issues about sodas is; ‘It’s fine. I’m a moderate drinker.’
  5. Sceptical group – They hear the negatives but don’t believe it. This group’s mantra when it comes to soft drinks’ critics is; ‘So what exactly is your point?’

Interesting stories about my encounter with these groups will be shared on my succeeding posts but for now, it is important to identify which group you belong.

I’ve come to realize that understanding the motivation behind a patient’s (and every person’s) love for sodas is a key factor in knowing what makes them fall head over heels on sodas and this eventually becomes an important factor during their liver treatment.

So, let me ask the question, which group do you belong?

I’ve seen the numbers! You better do as well!

If I start telling you that soft drinks are bad, you’ll dismiss me with a wave of hand saying that you’ve heard a lot of the same claims. If I show you statistics, it’s still no guarantee that you’ll take it (especially if you belong to the Sceptical group).

All of these assumptions aside, I feel the need to present you with some disturbing figures about the favourite thirst-quenching drink of all times. Believe it or not, these are all facts. Take them the way you want it and be prepared.

Disturbing Fact # 1: An average American is estimated to drink 60 gallons of soda a year.

Disturbing Fact # 2: Soft drinks are the leading source of calories in America. They are considered as the major reason for the rise of obesity cases.

Disturbing Fact # 3: Almost 30% of the total beverages consumed in 2005 were carbonated soft drinks. (Take note: This was just in 2005. Imagine how high it has become nine years after.)

Disturbing Fact # 4: Atop heart damage and diabetes, a couple of soft drink cans a day lead to liver damage.

Soft drinks as the no. 1 culprit of NAFLD

Even if you totally cut off alcohol in your life, liver diseases like the non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) can still persist.

And the no. 1 cause? Soft drinks.

More than contributing to the rise of obesity cases, osteoporosis, and tooth decay, the ingredients found in soft drinks are more importantly contributing to liver damage. Even diet soft drinks which we think are healthy enough is no exception.

Diet soft drinks contain the ingredient aspartame which is a potent neurotoxin that places huge burden on the liver.

But the most popular soft drink ingredient which is also the number one enemy of gout patients (I’m crossing my fingers that you don’t have both liver and gout problems), is fructose corn syrup.

Fructose corn syrup and its Fat-like behaviour

The American Beverage Association says that fructose corn syrup blends easier with beverages compared to refined sugar.

This is exactly why it has become a favourite ingredient among manufacturers. They are literally able to use less of the ingredient while still achieving the same taste with that of refined sugar in huge amount. And frankly, who doesn’t want more for a low cost?

But this advantage isn’t a matter of celebration especially to the consumers. Unlike glucose which can be transported to cells where it is used as energy, fructose undergoes a different metabolic process.

Instead of being delivered to cells to be consumed by the body, it behaves like fats do in terms of body weight regulation.

In short, consuming a lot of fructose is the same as consuming a lot of fat, eventually arriving to the same result – weight gain. And remember how unused fats are stored?

They’re distributed to the different parts of the body – including your liver.

Separate studies arriving at the same result

Another proof of soft drinks’ sweet but deadly treat is the result of the separate studies conducted by the University of California in Berkeley and the University of Cincinnati.

The result of their study reveals that increased consumption of fructose corn syrup contributes to the change of metabolic process in the typical American diet. This change is said to be encouraging more fat storage, which explains the relationship between fructose corn syrup and obesity and fatty liver disease.

Now what does this tell us?

It tells us one clear thing – fructose corn syrup is bad for the liver. It’s bad for the health. And since soft drinks are packed with this very ingredient, then it’s like drinking a can of obesity and fatty liver a day! Can you imagine that?

Keep your liver safe! Settle for the safest alternative!

If soft drink is Taylor Swift, water is Michael Jackson. If soft drink is Transformers, water is Titanic.

The comparison I’m trying to make is no nonsense. What I’m trying to say is, while soft drink remains a top of the line commodity on its league, water will always be the generally accepted and healthiest choice of drink. It has established its name as the best and the people’s need for it is timeless.

Why would you choose to drink something which does you harm when you can always go for something healthier?

If you want to keep your liver safe, forget about sodas and anything that has fructose corn syrup. It won’t kill you to leave it. But it surely will if you don’t leave it now. Read more liver healthy tips on my book, [mention book title here]

Some will say that drinking soft drinks in moderation is fine. But I say it isn’t. Remember the ‘I’m-doing-it-right’ group? They say they are moderate drinkers but I know better. I wouldn’t have met them in the first place if they’re perfectly fine.

Think about your soft drink carving and ask yourself the following:

  • Do I need soft drinks?
  • Honestly, do I really ‘need’ it?
  • Can I live with water alone?
  • Why not?

It’s time to be liver conscious! Stay liver healthy and drive your liver doctor away!

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