7 Simple Liver-Saving Tips for the Overweight

7 Simple Liver-Saving Tips for the Overweight

It’s not always easy to be the picture of perfect health. You’re already overweight and when you start dieting and exercise, you start to tire out, feeling pain all over you, and eventually quitting while ahead. But still, you just can’t help yourself but to press on because of you want to look better, feel more energetic, and protect your body organs, like your liver, from diseases, especially when you are in your mid-50s, with high blood pressure, and surely DON’T want to spend a fortune in a liver transplant. If you don’t exercise now, you will most likely to have liver disease.

All of those high-intensity exercises like Zumba or Crossfit seem pretty good in keeping yourself in shape, but if your body is not ready, then you might lose your life more than your weight and bust your liver big time. Therefore, these following steps will help you in starting your “painless” weight loss plan, and here is how to do it.

  1. Don’t let yourself suffer and think positive.
    I can and I will

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    This may sound cheesy, but one of the main reasons of not losing weight is being too negative. Whenever you’re eating, there’s always a time when people around you would give disapproving looks and insults behind your back. You are only being yourself. It’s not your fault that you’re gaining weight. Remember that the reason that you’re exercising is to stay fit and not just be skinny. You’re liver is more important than your fat. Don’t let any negativity break you down, because there’s no such thing as a “perfect body”. Instead, imagine what type of shape you want to have and always love yourself no matter the look.  Always say. “I can and I will”.

  1. Improve your healthy goals.
    No Pain No Gain

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    There is a saying, “No pain, No gain.” Exercising is a skill and not a willy-nilly activity that you do throughout the day. Just because you’re having leg cramps on your first jog doesn’t mean quitting ahead. Having a NASH liver disease diet is no laughing matter either. You’re first pain is only an obstacle in climbing the mountain of health. Press on to that trail and have a big smile in your heart, and make that goal to total fitness.

  1. Try things you enjoy.
    Work becomes play

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    It’s not always what you have to do, but what you like to do. Try to do things that you like to move more. Try playing your favorite sport (ex. Running, Swimming, etc.), or play Dance Dance Revolution at the local arcade while spending time with the kids (makes you feel young at the same time). Do things that make you happy because it’s important to stay fit and happy at the same time.

  1. Plan your diet.
    Goal without a plan

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    Having a NASH liver disease diet is very important when it comes to losing weight. The changes made will depend on how your liver will work. Eat foods with large amounts of carbohydrates, have some protein in your liver, and don’t forget your vitamins and your fruit and veggies to get your liver in shape.

  1. Focus what you can.

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    A saying goes, “It’s not the destination that’s important, but the journey ahead.” Don’t always hurry up with your goal of losing weight. You’re not done for long. What really matters most is the focus on the plan to lose weight and push on to that goal. You might never know that you already got there.

  1. Balance your gain and loss.
    Find balance

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    Not everything is filled with exercise; you also need to take a break once in a while. But be fair warned, you also need to balance between the weight you lost and gain or else your plan becomes “KAPUT!”. Remember your long-term weight plan and never forget to tread that journey to you perfect fitness.

  1. Have a friend to help you out.
    A friend in need

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    Not everything is meant to be done alone. If possible, you can have your friends or family help you out. It also takes a lot of encouragement and support to help fulfill your goal in having a totally healthy body. As a plus, it also gives you a chance to bond with them, whether it’s your spouse, children, or old buddies, and to talk with them about your day.

Fulfilling the ultimate goal will be tough, but focus brings you up in the end. It takes one foot forward for you to get started, and if you fall down, pick yourself up again. Remember, stay positive, be strict on your NASH liver disease diet, and always press on.

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