Alternative Remedies with a Liver Cancer Diet

Alternative Remedies with a Liver Cancer Diet

While many Americans are diagnosed with Fatty Liver Disease and Cirrhosis every year, a few unfortunate ones acquire Liver Cancer. Like any other cancer, Liver Cancer has no ultimate or surefire remedy—others can fight and survive it, but some can’t.

A procedure such as chemotherapy is seen to at least alleviate cancer by eliminating the cancerous tissues in the organ. But this isn’t usually the best way because some of the good tissues can be affected in the process, and sometimes, the cancerous tissues seem to have been gone, but after some time, it comes back with a vengeance that can shock both patient and doctor. Aside from that, it also has numerous side effects that can weaken the patient along the process.

Throughout the years, medical practitioners are innovating different methods of alternative cures for cancer. The less invasive the alternative procedure is, the better. However, results still vary—some got lucky, but some were not.

If you have Liver Cancer, there’s a need to do extra precaution with what you eat and drink. The aim here is to not overwork your liver so it can cope up with the condition. A Liver Cancer diet strictly eliminates alcohol, high sodium (salty and processed) foods and very sweet foods; including vices that involve smoking and illicit drugs.

Your liver may have regenerating properties, but it also needs your help to recover from the damaging cancer. For a complete, holistic guide, you can refer to this liver diet guide here.

Aside from a strict Liver Cancer diet, you can also make use of the following alternative procedures to ease the condition:

  • Exercise – a holistic liver cancer diet is not enough without the right lifestyle and you need to sweat out at least some of those toxins that may be hogging on your liver. But hold your horses, because you may not need to rush on doing strenuous exercises, because if your metabolism works quickly, your liver will take all the stress. The best kind of exercise you can do is Yoga—just make sure to limit yourself on the kind of positions you can do right.
  • Acupuncture – if you are under chemotherapy, acupuncture can help ease the nausea and vomiting brought about as a side effect of the procedure.
  • Massage – as the liver can’t process nutrients as efficiently as before, certain fluids can get stuck up on our legs, ankles, and feet. This condition is called Edema and the swelling and pain can be eased with a good massage from a licensed massage therapist.

If you are thinking of adding herbal supplements as part of your liver cancer diet, you may need to be careful with the kind of ingredients in it. Many ingredients in herbal supplements are processed and some may have been extracted in alcohol-form, which is a big no-no for people with any liver problem. Additionally, a common herbal supplement such as Gingko Biloba is also known to cause excess bleeding for liver cancer patiens. Check the label always before taking any supplement.

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