Are Your Medicines Making Your Liver Feel Better? Think Again.

Are your medicines making your liver feel better Think again.

Do you immediately run to the doctor every time you feel ill? Do you take in medicine once you sense that you’re not at your best and needs something to boost your over-all performance?

If you answered ‘yes’ to these questions, then you might want to consider answering the next one:

‘Are your medicines making your liver feel better?’

The fact is, medicines can injure the liver. However, since it’s a commercial commodity which are accessible in almost everywhere, the harm it brings is overpowered by the benefits that it gives.

If we become too critical however, we will realize that intake of medicine, especially the strong ones put our livers at risk.


Remember that the liver functions as a purifier. It purifies that blood by changing the drugs into chemicals that the body can use. During this process the converted chemicals may injure the liver.

How will you know that your liver is injured?

Signs of liver injury include:

  • Abdominal pain and swelling
  • Severe fatigue
  • Fever
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Yellowish eyes and skin
  • Dark urine

How can you stop drug-induced liver injury?

Liver injury more or less displays the same symptoms like acute liver disease and the only advice doctors will most likely tell you is to stop the intake of the drug that is suspected to have caused your liver injury.

What are these medicines that can injure the liver?

Large doses of the following drugs have higher risk of injuring your liver:

  • Acetaminophen – can also be harmful even in smaller doses if you take it with alcohol
  • Anti-convulsants
  • Anti-hypertensive methyldopa,
  • Tranquilizer chlorpromazine
  • Anti-tuberculins
  • Vitamin A and niacin


If you have history of liver disease in the past, it’s best to consult with your physician first for recommendations. This way, you will be ensured that the medicines you are taking are not harmful to your liver.

Also, always be mindful of the dosage you ingest. Remember that there is always a limit to the amount of drugs you can take for a certain conditions. If you take in too much, you’re not only risking yourself to overdose but also to liver injury.

Protect your liver or else….

It’s definitely more than just being health conscious. Protecting your liver means protecting your whole well-being. If you injure your liver, your body will suffer from the absence of the following:

  • Production and secretion of bile to the intestines
  • Purification of blood
  • Loss of production of the protein albumin and the proteins that are responsible for blood clotting

So just imagine how your body would be like if any of these functions are lost. Technically, one cannot function without the liver and if you continually risk yourself to liver disease, then that’s a big problem.

The next time you decide to take in that tablet or pill, think about your liver and ask yourself.

“Do I really need this?”

If yes, then go ahead in moderation. If not then leave it. Your liver deserves the right care. Take care of it.

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