Lemon Juice and Weight Loss

Lemon Juice and Weight Loss

Two best and recommended ways to lose weight is cutting off your calorie intake and observing regular exercise.

However, there are also dietary foods which can help you shed off more weight and provide nutrients needed for a healthy diet. Today we’ll take a peek on lemon juice and see what it can do to our weight.

It is important to note that drinking lemon juice also had its side effects especially if you are currently diagnosed with a certain disease. Consult with your physician or dietitian first before including it on your diet.

Fat Metabolism

Lemon juice is a rich source of vitamin C which is an ascorbic acid that increases liver function and fat metabolism. This benefit is important since we are always exposed to toxins from the food we eat to the beverage we drink. Having a strong liver that can purify these toxins will help our body develop stronger metabolism.

Increases levels of glutathione

Lemon juice increases the levels of glutathione, which is the primary antioxidant in our bodies. This results to an easier and more efficient way of detoxifying and losing body weight. Lemon juice is also a known diuretic which helps you lose water weight.

Water and Weight loss

Every time you drink lemon juice, you are also increasing your water intake. Water is filling so if you drink before a meal, you’ll most likely be reducing your calorie intake because of the feeling of being ‘full’.


Too much intake of lemon juice can also cause unwanted side effects. Some can experience heartburn due to drinking too much citrus juice. Also, it’s best not to add sugar to your lemon juice. Natural sweetener like a pinch of cinnamon can be a great alternative.

Moreover, make sure you consult a nutritionist or dietitian to ask for recommendation as to the amount of lemon juice right for you. What’s good for others may not be good for you so be careful on your pick.

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