Your Liver, Your Silent Lover

Your Liver, Your Silent Lover

Eating the right foods, observing proper exercise and all those things are part of maintaining a healthy well-being.

But why exactly do you do all of these things? Is it because that’s how you were taught at school? Or is it that feeling of responsibility you have for your own body?

When we do all of these things, we usually attribute it to the sense of responsibility we have for our own good because if we don’t take care of ourselves, who will?

What we usually don’t give much thought though is while we’re busy taking good care of our body, our organs are also busy taking good care of us

And among these organs, one outshines them all for taking good care of us in over five hundred different ways – our liver.

Most famous ways by how liver shows its love for us include the following:

  • It gives us strength to carry on with our day to day activities by storing iron, vitamins, minerals and other reserves.
  • It produces bile, which is responsible for digesting foods. Now just imagine how it would be like when there’s no liver who produces bile.
  • It prevents us from killing ourselves. With the enormous amount of different beverages we take in everyday: sodas, flavoured drinks, beer, etc, combined with the poisonous chemicals we inhale around us, our bodies are technically contaminated by now. The liver protects us all from this through natural detoxification.
  • It saves us from going into coma! The liver stockpiles sugar like carbohydrates, glucose and fats. Without the liver, our body’s sugar level will dramatically fall down which can lead to coma.
  • It technically allows you to continue living as a complete human being. Liver is the originator of blood. It makes the blood that’s now circulating around your body even before you came to earth.
  • It helps you grow properly. Liver manufactures new proteins that your body needs in order to grow and stay healthy.
  • It keeps you from bleeding to death! Accidents are accidents and we don’t have any way to predict when they can happen. Either because of our carelessness or purely by natural causes, the liver makes clotting possible. If your liver isn’t doing its job, who knows how much blood you might have lost by now.
  • It protects us from germs. With all the things present in our surroundings, it’s impossible to be totally free from the risk of weakening one’s immune system because of germs. The liver guards us from these disease-carrying minions.

So you see? The liver does a lot of things more than what we can imagine. Perhaps we can’t appreciate it because most, if not all, of the things it does happen from within.

The most striking thing is that, the liver really doesn’t complain. Amidst all the huge amount of damage it can possibly have from the toxins it ingests, the liver remains silent.

It doesn’t tell you when it’s hurting. You are in control. If you hurt it by living an unhealthy lifestyle, your liver doesn’t show any complain. You’ll know it’s reaching its limit when you’re starting to feel the pain.

By then it might be too late.

The liver does a lot of loving. Why make it suffer?



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