Take A Break: Things You Didn’t Know About The Liver (That You Shouldn’t Miss!)

Take A Break Things You Didn’t Know About The Liver

For all those times we’ve spent talking about liver diseases and diet, it seems like we are starting to get the impression on how sensitive the liver is and how hard it is to take care of it.

Don’t you think it’s tiring to be constantly reminded of the things we have to sacrifice in order to stop the progress of our liver diseases or prevent them from happening to us?

I do think it’s tiring. And if you share the same thought, then we both deserve a break!

Today I’ve compiled beautiful liver facts you’ll want to know. Take a short breather from your worries, and check these things out!

  1. Every cuisine around the world has its liver specialty.
  2. Over the course of history, humans are said to prefer liver over steak due to its ability to give great strength and an almost a magical power to heal.
  3. Liver is Mother Nature’s most concentrated source of Vitamin A.
  4. Liver is the best source of copper.
  5. It’s mysterious due to its unidentified anti-fatigue factor.
  6. Southern hunters in history (and possibly even at present) eats raw liver to show how ‘manly’ they are.
  7. Liver is considered so sacred by the African hunter-gatherer tribes that they don’t touch it with their hands but only with spears. They eat it raw.
  8. Eating liver once a week helps you prevent pernicious anemia –a condition when the body can’t make enough healthy red blood cells due to vitamin B12 deficiency.
  9. Liver removes poisons, from the air, smoke and chemicals that we breathe in daily.
  10. If we sum it up, the liver actually performs over 500 different functions.
  11. Liver is the only organ in our body that can regenerate itself. This makes it possible for humans to transplant just a part of their liver (not the entire one) to another person.
  12. Liver stores all the toxins that our body is not capable of breaking down.
  13. Human liver is technically the inventor of blood.
  14. Liver is actually a germ fighter.
  15. The pesticides used in killing insects from plants and vegetables once it gets in contact with your skin can kill your liver cells.
  16. The liver is a non-complainer. It doesn’t tell you when it’s hurting. You are its boss, you are in control, the decision is yours.

See? Liver isn’t just really about liver diseases and the right and wrong foods to eat. Digging deeper will help us understand what it means across different cultures from all around the globe.

Taking care of our liver should not only be driven by ‘because we have to’. Learning to appreciate what it does, what it meant, and the history of its health benefits will add more meaning to our liver diets!

Now moving one…..

  1. Liver is found in all kinds of vertebrates, although the size and form vary from each species.
  2. The liver’s natural color is reddish brown.
  3. You cannot literally survive a day without your liver.
  4. Your body can still continue to function even with only 1/6th part of your liver.
  5. If 80% of your liver is cut out, it will go back to its original size within just three months.
  6. Approximately eight weeks after a liver transplant, the donor and the recipient will have their livers completely regenerated.
  7. No artificial organ has been currently developed to replace your liver.
  8. The size of the liver is comparable to a football.

Your Liver and Zeus

As if the facts above are not outrageous enough, let’s visit Olympus and see how liver plays its part on our Greek mythology.

Mythology has it that Prometheus, a titan who challenged Zeus’s decision to destroy humankind and create a better race has been banished to Mount Caucasus as means of punishment.

On the mountain, an eagle eats Prometheus’s liver every day and every night, the liver would grow back. Zeus learned about this and punished Prometheus even more. It was not until when Herakles killed the eagle that Prometheus was freed from the torture.

This myth fuelled the belief that ancient Greeks somehow had an idea of the liver’s regenerative abilities.

Going Back…

We could go over and over citing facts about the liver and we still could not grasp the totality of how amazing it is. As mentioned in one of the facts listed above, liver is a mysterious gland. It will remain mysterious I guess.

While researches have been continually conducted to delve deeper into its function in hopes of finding more alternatives and options to heal liver-related diseases, what it really is capable of might still be a big question mark.

Liver Myths

We should keep in mind however that where there is fact, there is myth. Same principle applies to liver. Just like the story of Zeus and Prometheus. You couldn’t seriously believe that it took place for real.

It can be a symbolism of something. What I’m trying to say is, it’s fine to indulge oneself to stories and myths for entertainment. We’re talking about art here. But once we shift to health issues, be careful in spending time to verify whether or not the information that you have is a fact or a myth. Now we’re talking about science.

There are always experts in their field. Talk to them, engage and learn.

Now the Challenge!

We’ve only listed 24 amazing facts about the liver and that excludes its basic functions and things related to diseases (since I practically listed this to take a break from mentioning any diseases of some sort) ,but the list could go on and on!

Take the challenge to delve deeper online and talk to people who might know! Who knows? You might just stumble into something real fascinating which you could also share to us!

There might be no price in winning this challenge but the fun you could generate when you start finding things you never knew before is more than just rewarding!

Find your own liver facts and share them with us on Facebook! We have got a lot in store.

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