Your Liver Failure Diet Guide

Your Liver Failure Diet Guide

When your Fatty Liver has progressed to Cirrhosis, or Liver Failure, then it’s a must to make additional adjustments (along with your Fatty Liver Diet) towards a Liver Failure Diet.

When your liver has reached the stage of failure, it stops working completely–meaning, it can’t convert the needed nutrients to get you going on your day to day routine. When this happens, your body is forced to get energy from your muscle tissues; which isn’t really the ideal thing to do. This will then result to malnutrition and weakness.

When this happens, you have to eat more frequently so your body will have more input for energy conversion-and you on the other hand can continue with day to day actions. Your liver failure diet means that you have to at least eat something every 2 to 3 hours. Aside from the usual meals according to your liver diet, you can munch on the following food in between them:

  1. Crackers or toast
  2. Cookies and teacakes (as long as they’re low in sugar)
  3. Fruits and steamed veggies
  4. Milk
  5. Starchy foods such as potatoes and pasta because they are good sources of energy.
  6. Cheese and eggs for good sources of protein

Along with that are a few extra precautions:

  1. High doses of Vitamin A – When an excess of Vitamin A occurs in your body, it normally goes to the liver. But since it can hold them up anymore, it stays in your body as a toxin especially if your body doesn’t actually need it. The normal intake of Vitamin A is at least 3000 micrograms a day, but consult your doctor for the right amount since it can vary from age and gender.
  2. High levels of Iron – Since the liver can’t do its normal functions anymore, the excess iron in your body has nowhere to go to. When that happens, it can affect your other organs and can weaken your liver further.
  3. Certain types of medications – Medicines, and even herbal supplements are mostly processed by extracting the needed nutrients in alcohol form. This is especially harmful for your liver, so consult with your doctor first before taking any other form of prescription.

Of course, illicit drugs, smoking, alcohol, and foods high in sodium are still given NOs. Foods that are sugary or are too sweet are also prohibited because it increases your chance of being diabetic.

With liver failure, you may not be allowed or recommended to do strenuous activities as your body struggles to deliver the needed nutrients you need to be converted into calories. However, you may do light exercises like Yoga to sweat out all those toxins in your body.

Craving for something salty? You can always make use of natural herbs and spices to improve your dishes’ taste. You can also add table salt, but just a minimal dose. Herbs like thyme and rosemary are good—it can also improve the smell of your dish!

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