Cleansing Through A Detox Liver Diet

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Upon learning that I had fatty liver disease a few years back, I was determined to find a way on how I could cure my sickness and came upon detox liver diet. Fatty liver disease is due to excessive fat accumulation in the liver (a fat called triglycerides), so a healthy detox liver diet is advisable.

Detox liver diet has been becoming more and more popular these days. Simply, a detox liver diet is all about taking the right food to detoxify the fat accumulated in the liver. I tried to learn more about fatty liver disease and possible detox liver diet plans that I can follow.

Recently, a friend of mine who is a nurse recommended that I read up “Eliminating Hepatic Fat: The Fatty Liver Diet Guide and Factbook” by veteran liver nurse Dorothy Spencer. In her book, she gave an easy-to-learn introduction on fatty liver disease – its causes, symptoms, and treatment. One of her recommendations is to follow a diet that can help improve the liver’s function. It’s much like a detox liver diet if you ask me.

In the detox liver diet plan, which you can read up about in Chapters 8 to 11, I learned about the essential vitamins and minerals and the important food groups when undergoing a detox liver diet. Nurse Dorothy recommended the 1 Week Diet Plan and she suggested a lot of recipes that helped me in my detox liver diet. Chapter 11 of the e-book says that a proper detox liver diet should include food with low fat content (no saturated fat), high fiber, and complex carbohydrates.

When I had to go to the hospital for my routine check-up, I noticed that I was feeling quite better. After my tests, I learned that my conditions were getting better. It was probably the detox liver diet that I had been undergoing.

Dorothy Spencer is a veteran liver nurse that has helped hundreds of patients manage their liver disease through her book entitled “The Fatty Liver Diet Guide”.

She discusses in great detail how Detox Liver Diet can help you manage your liver disease.

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