“…I had fatty liver disease since I was 46. It didnt really occur to me that I was having an illness inside of me. I really had no clue at all.

When the lab reports were read and the diagnosis from my Doctor came in, he said I had to get ready for liver transplant. , I was devastated… I really had no idea what to do.

This was when I asked for a second opinion from another Hospital and met Nurse Dorothy. We worked together for several weeks and thankfully, it paid off.

My liver function tests went back to normal ranges after just a few weeks following the fatty liver diet guide.

“Thanks to your holistic diet system, I have my life back…”
Jenna Richardson, 53 Jenna Richardson, 53
St Louis, Missouri
…The Fatty Liver Diet Guide was easy enough for an active guy like me to follow. It took sometime, but I managed to do it.

No more elevated liver fat for me for 3 years and counting. I know it will never come back once you really beat the root cause.

This book taught me to get rid of fatty liver right from the roots.

Thank you Dorothy!”
Sam Esquivel, 48 Sam Esquivel, 48
Sacramento, CA

“…My Doctor Was Surprised About My Progress”


“…I had to endure having elevated fat levels in my liver since I was 40, diagnosed with Alcoholic Steatohepatitis 7 months later and I was advised to get ready for rigorous medications.

After having through your book and following your advise, It’s been 1 year and 5 months and I still dont take any of those toxic meds that the doctor promised up until now.

He was quite surprised with the progress of my liver disease.

I owe it to you and your diet method Dorothy. Thank you.”
Vincent Remano, 43 Vincent Remano, 43
Yosemite, CA

“Reversed My L iver Disease Progression”


jaundice diet”…Dorothy, without your Fatty Liver Diet Guide I would have progressed to liver complications.

Thanks a bunch! I did what you recommended in the book and was very satisfied with the results.

I hope you dont mind if I would pass your methods to other fatty liver disease patients.”
Rosemarie Bernal, 51 Rosemarie Bernal, 51
Memphis, TN

“It Saved Me From Liver Surgery…”


liver cleansing diet”I had Diabetic Renal Disease before I came across Dorothy Johnson’s Fatty Liver Diet Guide from one of her patient’s blog and figured what could I lose.

Well, it saved me another surgery and a whole lot of confidence in me. Im back working now and I can now spend time with my family once again.

A true blessing indeed…

Thank you Dorothy!
Donna Marion,38 Donna Marion,38
Liverpool, England
“I was diagnosed with nonalcoholic steatosis 7 months ago.

I thought it was the end for me as the doctor’s tone of voice implied.

I did my research, and came across your guide. That was one of the best days in my life.

…being a business consultant, I had to travel a lot by land and by air…

I thought I would never be able to follow the Fatty Liver Diet Guide but I was wrong.

10 months after, im still easily eating liver-healthy diet and it never took control of my life. Thanks again Dorothy!”
Neil Morrisan, 41 Neil Morrisan, 41
New Orleans, USA

“My Doctor Was Amazed…”


Hi Dorothy!

jaundice dietI promised to give you a testimonial if it worked for me when I bought your diet guide. And surely enough.. it did!

…the doctor was amazed how my ALT and AST levels got back to normal range pretty quickly.

Everything is laid out in an easy and understandable manner. Not a single medical jargon!

I definitely recommend the book to anyone with any liver disease – even if you only get a couple of tips from it, they have got to be the best ones that will save thousands of dollars or better yet, a liver transplant!

Glad I found your guide when I needed it the most!
Jeremy Schon, 34 Jeremy Schon, 34
Austin, Texas

“Its A Must For Any Liver Disease Sufferer!”


diet for fatty liverThis book, in my opinion, is a must for any liver dsiease patient.

Following the diet guide wasn’t easy at first, but i’m very much used to it now.

Well written and easy to understand, it gave me a much better understanding of my disease and what I need to do to live with a healthier liver.

Liver transplant or Cancer is not something I want to experience.

For those seeking information on Fatty Liver Disease and how to best deal with it, the biggest frustration is the lack of good information available.

The author explains why not much has been done about educating the public with liver disease.

A lot of good information I havent found anywhere up until today!
Camille Wilkins, 61 Camille Wilkins, 61
Toronto, Canada

“My Mom’s Fatty Liver Disease Stopped Progressing in Under 2 months!”


I found out about your website from another nurse who recommended your Liver Diet Guide book for my mom who had an alcoholic steatohepatitis.

I bought the book for her and monitored her laboratory results for 6 months.

Just after weeks of following the Diet Guide, we immediately saw improvements in her. She was already up and about and the pain in her right side belly was already diminishing.

It was a great feeling to have.

After 1 year and 5 months following your diet guide, I couldnt be more happier for my mother.

Thank you!
Linda Perry, 28 Linda Perry, 28
Boston, USA